What is Goodmornings?

Goodmornings is a website whose aim it is to connect people both online and offline. This is done through making it possible to share a Goodmorning on video and then submitting it to Goodmornings. This way people can show that they are open to connect with the world around them.


Who came up with the Goodmornings idea?

A Dutch guy named Martijn van Osch.


Who are the people that created Goodmornings?

There’s a whole list of them. You can look them up on the credits page.


Why does Goodmornings exist?

For people to show that they are open to connect with the world around them.


How can I participate?

By submitting your very own Goodmorning video.


I submitted a Youtube video but it’s not on the Goodmornings website.

It’s possible that your video is too long (10 seconds max), it’s possible that you are not saying the words ‘goodmorning’ (in whatever language), it’s possible that your video is still awaiting review (usually within 2 days).


How does Goodmornings make money?

It doesn’t. This project was built without any money. It only took an inspiring story and a team of people that were willing to invest their skills to see if they could make it happen.


How do I know if my submitted Goodmornings video is online?

Just check the Goodmornings website regularly and see if it is added.