The Goodmornings Project meets the Sauti Academy

On 14 July 2013 by martijn van osch

On the 13th of July The Goodmornings Project met the students of the Sauti Academy.

It was a really exciting experience!!!

In the video above you first see that the students are watching The Goodmornings Project Story.
Then we talk about The Goodmornings Song Challenge .
This is the creative challenge that the students of the Sauti Academy are going to participate in.

During the meeting some of the Sauti Academy students gave a spontaneous performance (video below) :

So we decided to return the favour by giving them a performance as well.

Meggy Althuizen sings, Martijn van Osch on guitar and Rocio Burguillos films the event.

Do you want to join The Goodmornings Song Challenge?

Check out this short video briefing by Florian Wolff, download the song and off you go.

Have fun!

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