The Goodmornings Project explodes!

On 13 May 2013 by martijn van osch

Wow… It’s unbelievable what can happen in such a short time!

First : The Goodmornings Story was shown during a Dutch festival called Geheime Liefde.

UMEF set up their Solar Film Theater so people could vote for the featured short movies.
Turns out : The Goodmornings Story was the absolute favorite of the audience!

:: a short glimpse of Goodmornings in the video report of the Solar Film Theater

Then Goodmornings appeared on the famous Swiss Miss blog which led to a whole series of blog posts about the project on sites throughout the world. Here’s a selection :

Swiss Miss (USA)
Bright (The Netherlands)
Lifehacker (Russia)
Follow The Colours (Brasil)
Linda (The Netherlands)
Youpix (Brasil)

All these posts lead to people from all over the world starting to add their goodmornings :

:: a goodmorning from Brasil

:: a goodmorning from Spain

:: a goodmorning from Canada

:: a goodmorning from The Netherlands

:: a goodmorning from Russia

Just this morning there was a radio interview about The Goodmornings Project.

:: a radio interview about The Goodmornings Project (in Dutch)

This afternoon there will be a Skype interview about the project with a Brasilian magazine.
Tomorrow an interview with a Dutch newspaper is on the agenda.

In the meantime The Goodmornings Story is viewed over 7000 times on YouTube !

Keep sharing the story and keep adding and sharing goodmornings!
By doing so you help The Goodmornings Project grow.
Through this we will brighten up the world.

Thanks for your support!

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