Goodmornings inspires ICORD

On 2 September 2013 by martijn van osch

A while ago The Goodmornings Project received a video submission by ICORD.
It was the video that you can see above.

Cheryl, who works for ICORD, was moved by The Goodmornings Project and brought up the idea to make a Goodmornings video in which all ICORD people say ‘good morning’.
She worked together with Clarice, who deals with social media at ICORD, and thus the idea became reality.

Martijn, founder of The Goodmornings Project, decided to organize an interview with Cheryl and Clarice to find out what impact The Goodmornings Project had on the organization and their daily lives.
The result of that you can watch in the video below.

Cheryl and Clarice, thanks for your time.

Great to hear that The Goodmornings Project is having its effect in Canada as well.

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