• Goodmornings inspires ICORD

    On September 2, 2013 by martijn van osch

    A while ago The Goodmornings Project received a video submission by ICORD. It was the video that you can see above. Cheryl, who works for ICORD, was moved by The Goodmornings Project and brought up the idea to make a Goodmornings video in which all ICORD people say ‘good morning’. She worked together with Clarice, […]

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  • The Goodmornings Project meets the Sauti Academy

    On July 14, 2013 by martijn van osch

    On the 13th of July The Goodmornings Project met the students of the Sauti Academy. It was a really exciting experience!!! In the video above you first see that the students are watching The Goodmornings Project Story. Then we talk about The Goodmornings Song Challenge . This is the creative challenge that the students of […]

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  • Goodmornings Song Challenge

    On June 1, 2013 by martijn van osch

    Below you can download the music that was composed by Florian Wolff for The Goodmornings Story. Now Florian and challenge you to complete this song by writing and adding lyrics. By doing so you create your own Goodmornings Song. Let us know your results and we’ll start sharing your Goodmornings Song with the world. […]

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  • The Goodmornings Project explodes!

    On May 13, 2013 by martijn van osch

    Wow… It’s unbelievable what can happen in such a short time! First : The Goodmornings Story was shown during a Dutch festival called Geheime Liefde. UMEF set up their Solar Film Theater so people could vote for the featured short movies. Turns out : The Goodmornings Story was the absolute favorite of the audience! :: […]

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  • Goodmornings is live !

    On April 23, 2013 by martijn van osch

    Yes, welcome to the goodmornings website ! The place for you to share and enjoy goodmornings with the whole world. A team of 16 people from the Netherlands made this happen. Their goal : brighten up the world. With your help this goal is much easier to achieve. How you can help us? By submitting […]

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